New Cyclo Diesel DPF & EGR Cleaner C44DBINTL

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New Cyclo Diesel DPF & EGR Cleaner C44DBINTL

Cyclo Australia is proud to announce the arrival of their newDiesel DPF and EGR Cleaner. The DPF is a collection device that traps diesel deposits to reduce emissions. After time the DPF will trap more and more deposits and become clogged to the point of restriction.


Cyclo’s Max44 Diesel DPF & EGR Cleaner

To reverse this the vehicle needs to go through DPF regeneration. The exhaust maintaining a specific temperature over a specific time, “a window of temperature” achieves this. Short trips, stop starting and idling for long periods all lead to the DPF clogging up and restricting the engine.

How does the Cyclo EGR and DPF cleaner work? The C44DBINTL includes an additive that controls the exhaust temperature. It maintains the optimum temperature for DPF regeneration. Fundamentally, it uses organometallic particles that burn longer than the standard diesel fuel. Thus, the regeneration system can function as it is designed to, function without the extra fuel required to increase the temperature and less drive time required for the process. The C44DBINLT also has the advantage of a total system clean.

Cleaning injectors and reducing knocking, reduces smoke and exhaust emissions, Removes water and added lubricity for low sulphur fuels. No customer will be happy to receive a bill for a replacement DPF for their vehicle. $1500 to $4000 dollars to replace the DPF is not going to leave them with positive feelings about the workshop that is only trying to keep their vehicle running correctly. Removing the DPF will also lead to legal implications. Cyclo C44DBINTL is not required for every fill, by adding 1 bottle to the tank every 5000km will add in the vehicle performing as designed by the manufacture.

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