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The Cyclo Australia team loves to attend the annual SEMA car show, seeing all the wonderful custom cars and being surrounded by all kinds of motoring enthusiasts inspires us to do the same, and even though we can not be there this year we want to share with you memories that we have collected from …


Is the smell of your air conditioner unpleasant when you first use it? Deodorize and Neutralise your system with Cyclo PurAir! It kills bacteria and eliminates odour leaving you with a clean and fresh air conditioner. ONLY $16.99 Ask for it at your local automotive store.

New Cyclo Diesel DPF & EGR Cleaner C44DBINTL

Cyclo Australia is proud to announce the arrival of their newDiesel DPF and EGR Cleaner. The DPF is a collection device that traps diesel deposits to reduce emissions. After time the DPF will trap more and more deposits and become clogged to the point of restriction. To reverse this the vehicle needs to go through DPF regeneration. The exhaust …


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